Morningside Estate is the best vacation home on Vancouver Island and Vancouver Island is the top island destination in North America. This makes it the perfect place for your next event or holiday. An elegant Frank Lloyd Wright style home in a Super, Natural, environment. 



Eco-Touring (the Saanich Inlet)
For guests staying at Morningside, Brian Smiley has a speial service just for you. He will come straight to the dock at Morningside and take you out for a tour of the incredible Saanich Inlet. Brian or his crew can point out the abundant wildlife in the inlest. He will get you looking for ‘golf balls’ in trees (that what you look for when you want to see Bald Eagles).

Corporate Events

Corporate Planning Meetings
If you are a small corporation you need to have a plan to execute that is simply better than the competition. What sets corporations on a trajectory for growth is smart thinking and that does not happen by accident. One of the best things that you can do is get your management team together for a focused intensive retreat. The success of the retreat depends in a very big way on making sure that where you go has the facilities to help you but not the distractions.


‘I Do’

If you are one of the one’s thinking of uttering these iconic words in the next few years…this is for you. They say ‘you only do this once’ so it is important to get I right. Planning your fairy tale wedding involves a great many decision…but unless you have a place to have it, the event does not happen.

Uganda Partnership and Tanzania Water Project Fundraiser