Some say the fishing at Morningside Estate is excellent (those are the one's sho caught something) Others say it is not so good. If the fish are biting you will catch ling cod, rock cod or maybe even salmon. There are lots of fish in the area...the same with crabs and prawns. What we can say is that there is fishing right off the dock and off the rocky point. You need a salt water license to fish but the rest is up to you. We are often asked what lures to use...How should we know??? We have seen fish caught by an old chunk of copper and not caught by the faciest of equipment. One thing that seems to be universal however is that if you are going to fish here the sea will claim some of your lures, which is another way of say that there is rocky bottom out there waiting for you to snag it. The bottom nearly always wins. The inlet is over 750 feet deep in some places...who knows what lurks in the depths?


Bed and Breakfast

We do Bed and Breakfast bookings in the low season. Contact Janet ( for information


What Guests Say...

 A pot of gold at the end of a dusty track. This has got to be the most exquisite B&B on the planet. The house and gardens are a work of art. The days have been a sensory feast for us- not to mention the breakfasts. The experience has been made all the more special by your relaxed, friendly approach. Thanks Janet and Gerry for an unforgettable stay. Veronica & Dave (Scotland) Read More


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